Knowing what is healthy and unhealthy is a little of a tricky affair in the present day. Luckily, this article includes simple health tips that will make your life way easier. When it comes to consuming the right foods read a long to be informed.

1. Go herbal

A great example of herbs include the horse chestnut that is used to treat varicose veins by strengthening the veins and reducing the swelling.

2. Drink Tulsi


If you are afraid of your stress levels, you should try the Ayurvedic herb. Also known as holy basil, this her is very good when it comes to management of the stress hormone cortisol. That means the holy basil is very good for boosting the mind.


3. Why not Oolang tea?

Oolong tea has been proven to contain the polyphenols compounds that are responsible in fighting some body conditions such as eczema. Herbs are another of the tips for daily healthcare.

4. Fight cold with Echinacea herb


Cold knocks at every persons nose from time to time. The Echinacea herb is a great way of treating cold in a very short while.


5. Rub temples

If you constantly have headaches, you can try rubbing tiger balm, white flower or peppermint oil into your temples. These products have methanol which is responsible for analgesic effect.

6. Marry Ginger

A healthy lifestyle and ginger are simply inseparable. Yes, a popular problem treated by ginger is the chest congestion. Just prepare 2 cups of boiling water and add a peeled ginger for a couple of minutes. You can drink the water to treat many diseases. The best thing is you can add something like cayenne pepper for better and faster results.

7. Fall in love with garlic


Garlic is equally important for treating very many conditions and diseases. Adding some garlic to your meals keeps your body healthyall the times. Garlic is antiviral and antibacterial which is very important in keeping your body healthy when it comes to immunity.

8. Walk, jog or run!

A pair of sneakers are part of the daily healthy tips for kids and adults. You can run, jog or go for a walk and you will be surprised how easy it is to fight fatigue.

9. Smell Rosemary

Rosemary is a great friend of any good health enthusiast. You do not have to eat the aromatic herb, simply smell it and you are good to go. It is is advisable to smell it in order to be sharp.

10. Have a taste for the bitters

Ancient Chinese used bitter foods to combat sugar levels in the body. Examples include: cooked greens and olives.

11. Eat and eat fish

Fish is a must eat for a healthy lifestyle and fish eater are very healthy people. When it comes to fish it can be you can go for the pond fish or the seafood.

12. Try Probiotic

For ladies, probiotics can be very good in order to keep yeast infections (which occur due to bacteria imbalance) away.

13. Bread with Bilberry

Bread with Bilberry

Carrots improve eye sight and the bilberry improves night vision. At least 20 milligrams should impact your body in a few hours. The bilberry extract is awesome for the eye.

14. Go Bananas

Together with that, make sure that you take a banana. Bananas make your body less prone to high blood pressure and the sodium levels are within the healthy range.

15. Bath with Lavender

A typical day in the real world will put pressure on you which leads to stress. The best way to counter the stress is using lavender essential in your warm bath. Just a few drops and good music will do the job right.

16. Go for massage

Go for massage

The impact of massage on the body cannot be under-estimated. Relaxation of the muscles results to reduced back, joint and muscle pain. Importantly, go to the professionals and you will definitely be a regular.

17. Capsaicin Cream

Alternatively, you can use the capsaicin for the sore muscles and joints. Apply the cream and drive away the muscle pain that has become a bother.

18. Use tree oil to treat feet

If you are tired of trying out antifungal drugs that are available over the counter, try tea tree oil. The oil has antiseptic characteristics that are very effective.

19. Eat Avocados

If you want a healthy skin eat avocados. The fruit has fats and vitamins that are responsible for the great skin you desire.

20. Talk

Uncountable studies and research has shown that engaging in conversations at least 10 minutes a day can be very handy when it comes to your health. Small talk improves your memory capacity almost like when you play word games.

21. Use a bottle

Tips for daily health care insist in having a bottle that you can roll over your feet if you suffer from the heel and arch pains.

22. Take triphala


If you want to avoid constipation try triphala which is a blend of fruits and Ayurdevic. This combination cleans the gastrointestinal tract.

23. Have a Neti pot

For those who are constantly fighting sinus, rinse your nasal passages 2 times a day. This removes dust and any other kind of irritants which results to improved health. Simply, prepare a saline solution of a quarter teaspoon of salt and a cup of warm water. Then pour into a nasal irragator and use to it clean your nasal passage.

24. Arnica for facial care

Swelling and bruising may arise from various activities it thus important to know how to treat them. Homeopathic creams are the answer because they contain arnica that treats such injuries.

25. Use gamma-linolenic acid

gamma-linolenic acid

Primrose is another important oil that you can use to fight hair loss. Of course hair care is important but other factors such as stress affect hair. To counter this, use the primrose oil and you will be surprised how it is effective and improves the health of your hair. 1000 mgs a day taken in two doses should work just fine.

Above are daily health tips for men and women who want tp take care of their bodies. It is not that complicated to be free of diseases and stress, especially with what you just learnt.