Whenever you are going to post a selfie, it is better to check it again and again, whether the image looks bulky because the bulky figure often makes you worried. If so, you must edit with the Photoshop to reshape the face. Women usually are able to show slim shape changing hair style. If there is no possibility to edit, you must slightly hide your face behind your friends so your body and face look slim. Even doing that your friends may have gossiped with your bulky body.

Sometimes you may start dieting by taking foods that help to lose weight fast and naturally at home. In this situation you will try in a hurry to lose weight with natural foods with or without exercise. You may also try dietary supplementary or proper exercise. You may become sick due to taking less food or you may lose your patience to take more exercise. In such case your dream of getting slim will nip in the bud.

images (9)But if you can cut off 5 to 7 KG weight in 15 days, your initiative will continue and friends will have a second look at you. Nutritionists say that it is possible to lose 5 to 7 Kg weight. To try this, your dieting will be soft or liquid protein, high protein less sugar and less fat. Moreover, in order to run metabolism well you have to drink enough water and take exercise during this.

Remember the style of diet, quantity and timing should be fixed according to men or women, different body weight age and height. You should take food at every two hours : 08.00, 10.00, 12.00, 02.00 etc. You have to take food at least seven to eight times per day as it is not wise to become sick to try to lose weight fast. Taking food at every two hours keeps the body working while decreasing weight.

walk fast and weight lossWhen you are eating less you should not have any hard exercise but walk fast. Walking fast burns you calorie fast and helps to lose weight naturally. If you continue walking for 40 to 45 minutes at a stretch it will cut off your blood fat.
While dieting you should do light exercise like walking fast rather any heavy exercise. You can use no vehicle but walk on foot while returning home from the office. It helps to lose weight, keep your heart and bone fit.