Completing fifty years of marriage is a great thing and it calls for a celebration. Here is anniversary party idea so that one can make the day memorable for rest of the life.

Save the date– the date should be set in advance so that everybody can make arrangement in their schedule to reach the place. As this occasion want the presence of all family members.

anniversary party idea

Make a booking of venue- if any place has to be reserve then it should be done in advance. (if children are planning for wedding they know what their parents love and so they can choose from our local venues of 50th-anniversary party ideas for parents) it could be-

  1. Favourite restaurant
  2. Church hall
  3. A park with nearby restroom
  4. Hotel ballroom
  5. VFW hall
  6. Banquet room of country club

Send invitations- the invitations are to be sent to every guest and so it is the work which is needed to be done in advance.

Plan food and drinks- they are the main thing of a party so if the planning is not done in a restaurant then proper care has to be taken. A theme is to be picked and then all arrangements need to be done according to that. The idea about all for it could be taken from
50th wedding anniversary party ideas on a budget. This celebration requires a decorative cake. So its order has to be placed in advance and also collection is to be done before time. There should be the time gap between actual celebration and the preparation so that there should be time to make things correct if anything goes wrong.

50th anniversary party ideas Decorations- the color is the main element which will decide the decoration material. The color is to be chosen depending on the choice of the couple. It should be their favorite or something related to the season or things they like. The 50th-anniversary party ideas tell you the things which a person can use in accord to the color you decide.

Gifts for the couple- the gift should be such that it should make them feel special. It can be in form of some item, a note about memorable moments, picture which could add to their memory or second honeymoon. It is a great occasion for them so everything should be in such a way that they feel special about the moment. One can get idea about the gifts from Anniversary Party Ideas.

Toasts and tribute- the person who would present toast should be decided in advance. It should be present with non-alcoholic drink and can also present with a slideshow about the couple. It could be a way to refresh their memory. Even the guest can be asked to write about the thing in the couple which they cherish the most.

Setting mood- the mood should also be set for the romantic day. The songs which should be played can be popular songs of the year in which they got married or couple’s favorite songs. If the party is large then one can hire a person to play different types of music for different things going around.

Capture the moment- there is always a person in a family who love to capture the moments. So make the best album with pictures with family.

Enjoy the party- once the party has started, leave all the things which you cannot arrange. Everything can’t go as expected and so just leave them. It is also your time with your loved ones so just enjoy the moment.