In fact, many women get worried when they do not experience this pain. However, is lower back pain a sign of pregnancy? No, not all the time. Although this pain could actually mean that the baby is growing, it is also brought about by many other factors. So what is the cause of lower back pain during pregnancy?

Posture Change Causes Back Pain During Pregnancy

menstruation cycle As the baby grows, your center of gravity keeps moving forward. This results in many women trying to lean backward to avoid falling over thus straining muscles in the lower back region. This automatically leads to back pain.

Weight Gain

Typically, a pregnant woman gains between 25 and 35 pounds. This additional weight has to be supported by other body parts including the spine. This translates to lower back pain. Furthermore, the weight of the fetus also puts pressure on nerves and blood vessels in the pelvis region which could also be the cause of the pain.

Hormonal Changes Causes Back Pain

hormonal changesWhen pregnant, the body starts secreting a hormone known as relaxin. This special hormone leads to relaxation of the pelvic area and joints also loosen up. It is also common for the ligaments supporting the spine to get a little loose leading to discomfort in the lower back.
Emotional Strain
Stress is also common in expectant women. This emotional strain can cause tension in the back which the body interprets as back pain or back spasms. This is especially true if the discomfort increases whenever you are stressed.

How to Ease Lower Back Pain during Pregnancy

Although this Lower Back Pain during Pregnancy could be unavoidable at times, it does not mean that you have to live with it for the nine months. There are numerous ways you can alleviate it.


yoga mat exercise pregnant

Exercising when pregnant is beneficial in many different ways. Other than helping your pelvic muscles relax as you head to childbirth, it also fights back pain. It eases the strain on the spine and strengthens the back. Note that your doctor can recommend the best exercises depending on the stage of your pregnancy although walking, swimming and cycling are some of the best ones.


Counseling can help fight stress, one of the main causes of back pain. Taking deep breathe think you are fit and living a happy life which is going to be happier with your coming son. This is a great way how to ease lower back pain during pregnancy.

Heat and Cold

Alternating between a bag of ice and a warm towel on your lower back can also help in fighting the pain. Place the ice or even frozen vegetable on your lower back for 20 minutes for two or three days then replace that with heat for the same period. Note that this heat and cold is only limited to your back and not the abdomen.

Chiropractic Manipulation

Chiropractic manipulation of the spine is also effective in getting you relief from back pain.

Medication for Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

life of a woman during pregnancy

What can I take for back pain while pregnant? This is the question that many women are asking since they have to be very particular about the medication that they take. Therefore, it is advisable to seek alternative means of dealing with this pain that do not involve any medication. However, medication such as Acetaminophen is safe. Aspirin and NSAIDs like ibuprofen and naproxen are usually not advisable.

Back pain during pregnancy in itself is not a reason to call your doctor since you can use the above remedies to alleviate it. However, you should seek help if it becomes severe and start experiencing rhythmic cramping pains.