5 Strange Facts Women Hide From Their Husbands

Hey guys today I’m going to discuss about women’s some secrets what they want to hide from their husbands. However, most of wives want to hide something from their husbands although they’ve got a tight bound. I tapped many experts and women to find out what secrets women normally hide from their husbands. They told me too much things about this topics which I can’t express in here, so I think this common 5 things women hide from their husbands. Let’s see what most common things women normally hide from their husbands.

Health Concerns is One of 5 Things Women Hide from Their Husbands

If a women find any fishy till or concretion in her breast, or has any problem in her breast she may often silent her anxieties.  Women feel guilty when she knows this, especially in sexual attraction site. Sometimes women take therapy for till although it is not harmful for health.

A psychologist said “Women become anxious when she notices till. She feels nervous when she enjoy with her husband because of till. But this is not good to hide it from husband.”

Only husbands can solve every personal problem of wives although it belongs to health concern. So, don’t worry share about your problem with your husband very soon, he must help you.

Trouble in the Relationship

trouble in relationshipAfter marriage women have to face many problems with the relatives, friends, boss etc. of her husband. They tease her with various ways. She becomes ashamed that is why she can’t share it to her husband. They frighten her not to tell to anyone, 5 things women hide from their husbands.

Another thing is if she has any ex-boyfriend than she become afraid to share it with her husband. Because most of husband getting angry when he know about the ex-relationship of his wife. Psychology specialist says “Husband always be friend to his wife so that he can understand her every problems.” So husband always being best friends for his wife then they can be happy in life.

Personal Successes

Women are less inclined to go out for job. They’ve a desire to do something for their families; they want to help their husbands. But they want to hide it because of misunderstanding both of them. They don’t want to share about their success especially then when she has better job than her husband. Psychologist said “She don’t want to create a race between themselves to their successes.

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She doesn’t want to create any problems which can effect on their child.” But the reality is if women can earn than it’s good, it is better for their family.

For example- If I’ve two horses, then my vehicles would be faster than before. So, if husband and wife can earn together then they can eat better food, live in better place, enjoy better life etc. Let do them job, because they have freedom, they right to do job.

Sexual Issue is one of 5 things women hide from their husbands

A Doctor said “A woman come to my chamber and complain about her sexual issue. She couldn’t satisfaction with her husband to do sex.” Women are not shameless like men. They feel hesitate to talk about sexual issue without female doctors. Wives can say anything to their husband without sexual problems.

Although they couldn’t satisfaction with their husband, they never share it to their husband. Only few wives can share it. Because Allah (lord) create women with a special shame, that is why they can’t share anything with anyone especially sexual issue never share. Normally situation force women to hide this issue. This is most important thing which things women hide from their husbands. Almost every wife does it.

Bank Accounts

5 things women hide from their husbands

Generally men waste money, they misuse money so much. Men don’t want to save money, he always wanted to enjoy by wasting money. That is why most of wives saves money & don’t share it to husband. They have another reason why they hide it from their husband. If anyhow they get divorce then what will she do? She wanted to be secured that is why she hides this from her husband. So, in our society 5 things women hide from their husbands is very common.

Sometimes women want to save money for future but her husband doesn’t want it, for this she hide it from her husband. A University’s Professor Wife said to me “Her husband waste money in various ways but she don’t like it. So, she saved money without informing her husband and now (by the grace of Allah) she built a huge building by that money what she saved.”

The above points are not the all that women hide from here dearest and nearest husband but you may find few more in family life. You may find more things women are hiding from husbands. However, all we are trying heart and soul to lead a happy and peaceful conjugal life.


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