Age is just a number but staying healthy is your choice. Being in the 40s is a milestone that can be compared with the peak of a mountain since, after 40s, metabolism starts to slow down. People especially women are likely to get more issues since this is the decay when you pass a significant phase like perimenopause and menopause. Besides, there are other issues of women’s health after 40 needs to be concerned. The article consists of 40 plus health tips women should follow to stay physically and mentally healthy and fit.



Life after 40 for a woman changes due to perimenopause and menopause. Perimenopause is the transitional time to menopause, drawing the full stop of reproductive years. In this period estrogen level starts to fluctuate which causes physical and mental changes.

Perimenopause and menopause not only have effects on physical changes it also has effects on mental health. Yet, don’t be anxious there are some amazing habits to adopt after 40 for your wellbeing.

Along with hormonal fluctuations, some health problems may occur that you don’t have any control over like genetically inherited diseases (some types of asthma and breast cancer) while there are health issues that can be prevented and controlled through your choice of lifestyle. Common age 40 health issues are –

1.    Osteoporosis

2.    Heart disease

3.    Diabetes

4.    Blood pressure

5.    Cholesterol levels

6.    Thyroid

7.    Depression and

8.    Alzheimer


To stay as strong as 30s, 40 plus health tips women should follow.

* Diet after 40 Years Old

1.    Do not skip breakfast since breakfast is the most important meal of the day. People who skip breakfast tend to eat more lately which leads to gaining more weight and increasing insulin and cholesterol levels.

2.    “Eat the rainbow.” Eating the rainbow means ensuring intake of colorful vegetables and fruits. Each distinctive color signifies different vitamins minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals in foods which have significant health benefits.

3.    Eat whole grains instead of refined. Whole grain provides vitamin B, iron, magnesium, selenium, potassium, magnesium, and dietary fiber. Dietary fiber balances blood cholesterol levels and reduces risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, and diabetes while other nutrients help to maintain thyroid regulation and a healthy immune system.

4.    Add a few nuts in your meal. Nuts contain fat, carbs and nutrients that are helpful for diabetes, heart disease and reducing bad cholesterols levels.

women's health after 40

5.    Include food that contains calcium to prevent calcium deficiency. Dairy products, seeds, canned salmon and sardines, beans, and almonds are calcium-enriched food.

6.    Drink more water. Drink daily 2-3 litter water to stay healthy.

7.    Have supplements. Consult with your physician for adding some supplements like vitamin B 12, calcium, vitamin D, and folic acid in your diet.

* Amazing Habits to Adopt After 40

There are some amazing habits to adopt after 40 to maintain sound physical and mental health.

1.    Do some daily exercise to maintain a sound physical and mental health. Walking, bicycling, and yoga are some great exercise that can lower many health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart diseases. Exercise also makes you physically strong by improving the immune system and developing bones and muscles’ strength. Along with physical health, exercise develops mental health.

2.    Make an appointment with your physician for regular checkups. Consult about perimenopause symptoms, weight, diet, risk of diseases like cancer, heart disease, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, diabetes, and physical activity level,.

3.    Take good care of your mental health along with physical health to manage tress

4.    Get sound sleep about 7-9 hours.

5.    Get connected with good company.

6.    Spend more time with your family members especially with a spouse

7.    Travel mores

8.    Have some hobbies.

9.    Have a plan for your retirement

10.    Be serious about your savings

11.    Have emergency fund

12.    Wake up early

13.    Make a connection with nature

* Habits that should be avoided

To stay healthy and sound you should avoid following habits along with adopting good ones. STOP! :

1.    Smoking tobacco!

2.    Drinking too much alcohol!

3.    Eating out too much!

4.    Stopping having sex!

5.    Forgetting having fun!

6.    Sitting idle!

7.    Working late at night!

8.    Staying up late!

If you maintain a healthy diet, adopt those amazing habits and avoid some habits age wouldn’t matter. According to C.S. Lewis “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream,” because age is just a number.